Reaching Your Musical Dreams via Soundcloud

Aspiring singers and artist wannabes have infiltrated the worldwide web through the years. Various online platforms have provided them with a quick, easy, and relatively free or cheap way to share their talents. The musical aspirants either do their own versions of hit songs or perform their original compositions. The advancements in technology have made it possible to easily upload a recorded audio or video. Because the online music sharing scene is overcrowded, internet singing sensations pop up almost every day. These online sensations get their 15 minutes of fame when their published materials go viral. With the millions of musical aspirants the world over, how is it possible for an artist to stand out and make his voice heard? For one, aspiring musicians turn to a purely musical platform like SoundCloud.

Established in 2007 in Berlin, Germany, Soundcloud is a world-renowned online audio sharing platform. It has more than 175 million active and unique users.

Musical haven

What makes SoundCloud stand out among other online music platforms is that it does more than distributing mainstream and independent music. It allows listeners to record, upload, and share their original songs. Swedes Eric Wahlforss and Alexander Ljung initially wanted to provide aspiring musicians with a platform to launch and share music. Wahlforss is a musical artist while Ljung is a sound designer.

In time, professional musicians turned to SoundCloud to distribute their songs. It is truly a musical haven because songs recorded in a bedroom and songs produced in a large recording studio are given almost equal treatment.

Half of the SoundCloud content comes from superstar artists while the other half comes from grassroots musicians. The platform even provides playlists that feature mainstream and independent music.

What is more, SoundCloud users are not charged whenever they listen to millions of songs. They can also upload and share their own compositions for free within the limit of 180 minutes.

Standing Out

The widely used musical platform is overloaded with songs from all genres. Around 12 hours of audio is being uploaded into SoundCloud in just a minute's time. An aspiring artist might be intimidated by the immense number of songs that SoundCloud holds. He might feel that his meager musical creation will just go into oblivion. This is where Soundcloud Promotion enters the picture. A user can maximize his unique SoundCloud URL by embedding it in various websites and sharing it on social media platforms.

SoundCloud itself allows its users to like and share content. They can also repost audios and create playlists. Listeners and composers can even follow each other. The commenting feature is also unique because listeners can post timed comments - these are remarks and suggestions on highlighted parts of a song. The comments will even show up while that part of the song is playing. These features all add to the social aspect of Soundcloud, bringing artist and listener together in ways that was not possible a decade agao

The global musical platform also promotes songs by using apps and widgets. A composer's widget placed on a blog or website can be automatically updated when new content is uploaded.

Going the Extra Mile

Just about every single user of the 175-million SoundCloud population does the generic process of Soundcloud Promotion. Using social media platforms and utilizing the tools of SoundCloud will surely boost one's chances of being heard. But an aspiring artist can do much more so that his song can stand out in a sea of a million tracks. These days, it is not enough that a song is fantastic. The way that a song is marketed should also be incredible.

A Soundcloud bot is the way to go for SoundCloud users who are dead set on making it big in the music industry. It increases the chances for a song to be discovered because it provides numerous tools to boost a track.

SoundCloud is known for measuring the stats of a song including the number of plays, likes, reposts, and downloads. It also highlights the favorite songs of its 175 million users. Listener profiles are also monitored by tracking the number of followers, followed users, and uploaded songs. The activity and follower engagement of users can also be seen in the stats.

These figures pertaining to the songs and listener profiles can be boosted by any of the popular Soundcloud bots available today including Cloudseekr, Soundcloud Automator and Soundcloud Manager. Aspiring musicians use these programs because its tools do not hamper the usual SoundCloud process.

Advanced Enhancements

Aside from the basic boosting tools, the higher quality Soundcloud promotional tools have advanced filters that perform additional functions. These functions are designed to improve how the app interacts with the site and attract more attention to a song and listener profile.

Getting Users to Notice You

Whenever an aspiring artist reposts a song, a notification of such repost will be sent to the composer of the song. This will most probably lead the composer to take a look at the profile and uploads of the aspiring artist. Posting comments will also attract attention. When you follow a user, they get a notification. When you create a playlist, the user gets a notification. These are all types of actions you can use your bot to perform, meaning more users get notified about your account.

Promoting Clever

The playlists feature on Soundcloud allows the songs of the user plus other independent songs to be mixed with mainstream hits. Bulk creating playlists will surely reach more listeners as they hear your song after initially listening due to another song. Not only that, the playlist is linked on every Soundcloud page that is contained in your playlist

Stats Boosting

A user can also create mass accounts to multiply his promotions for his music. The mass accounts can be used to heighten a user's likes, favorites, comments, and follows.

Stepping Stone

In SoundCloud, the possibilities for an aspiring musician are endless because of the platform's hundreds of millions of potential listeners. Being discovered by a record producer does not seem to be a remote possibility.

It is imperative for an aspiring artist to make crucial moves in promoting his music. Social media will help, but advanced tools will do more to boost a user profile.

Soundcloud automation tools serve as a solid stepping stone for aspiring musicians because they allow you to promotions on your account consistently and effectively whilst giving you tool to make music, helping each aspiring recording artist closer to reaching their musical dreams.