Soundcloud Promotion Tips

Soundcloud has been the most popular online platform for sharing music and tracks worldwide. Over the years creating and promoting of music has become more accessible with the platforms that allow anyone to rise to stardom from the comfort of their home. Soundcloud provides an opportunity for musicians and artists worldwide to share and promote their musical creations either privately with their friends or host it publicly in social media. When you wish to promote your Soundcloud account, there are some common mistakes that you should avoid, these mistakes are listed below.

Create first impressions

Let your music show your professional skill. Your portfolio will be known and loved by your followers and they are new to your talent. So let the music and tracks that you upload to impress your fans and also have the potential to keep them coming. Work on your music or tracks, avoid any silly mistake and let it create lasting impressions.

Avoid uploading everything you create

As an upcoming artist or musician, there are always tensions of getting recognized and accepted by listeners. However, this will lead to uploading every work you made on Soundcloud in other to impress them. Anyone that notice your songs will only try one or two of your tracks to see how good you are, not everyone will be impressed by your work, after listening to your tracks and not to your music, they will surely move on. Therefore, uploading all your works on Soundcloud will not impress anyone. So the best option here is you should only showcase all of your best-finished work that you have released and your account will reflect on quality rather than quantity so that every potential visitor that will listen to your music can be amazed and impressed by your skills.

Avoid uploading incomplete music or tracks

Uploading an unfinished or work in progress tracks is no way going to help you achieve your aim of getting more followers, in facts, it might cost you some followers. Unlike the popular artists out there, they might be able to get away with this because they have already built a reputation and also have massive fans; however, this might not be the case for a new upcoming artist. So every time you want to upload a new track, think of if its ready for release if it sounds ready then go for it and upload it but if not, avoid uploading it because it won't give you any impression.

Ignoring the power of Social Medias

Social Medias have taken the world with a lot of benefits; they have been the most effective way promoting any kind of content online to real humans. Most of the people that use Soundcloud will want to use the social media to further investigate on the new artist they just discovered, but when such artist don't exist on social platforms, it will act as a dampener to curious and interested audiences. Soundcloud has made it easy for users to link their social media accounts to their Soundcloud's profile, making it easier for the audience to find you. It will be a big plus for you to link few social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter etc.) to your profile but avoid linking too much of social medias as well, not to scare off your audiences.