How To Boost Soundcloud Stats With The Help Of Soundcloud Promotion

If you are a music enthusiast, you must have heard about SoundCloud. Soundcloud revolutionized music distribution in a wonderful way and helped a lot in promoting individual artists. It has the vastest range of music uploaded by producers, musicians, bands, singers from the lowly bandroom artist to the latest superstar multi platiunm selling artists. If music is your passion and you hope to turn it into your profession in future, you should make good use of SoundCloud. Managing your account in a much more organized, professional manner with clear goals will help set you above the rest and help your music stand out. Due to the popularity of Soundcloud there is a dire need to promote your music well since the listeners on the Internet are bombarded by a huge amount of music. Hence it is not possible for them to listen to even a small percentage of the music. Therefore, it is your duty to make your profile more appealing to the ears of the masses.

Here are a few ways that will help you in your SoundCloud promotion:

1. Amplification:

Share your SoundCloud profile among all your social network profiles in order to expand your fan base. Facebook, Twitter and even your blog should have your SoundCloud profile. Track descriptions and introduce yourself and your music. You can also tell a story along with asking people to click on the repost button if they like your content and want it to share with their friends.

2. Google search optimization:

By maintaining all your social media profiles with consistent names, keeping them updated with content and linking back to each other your profile URL will appear prominently in the Google Search results. It may seem like a little step, but many users will search for a musican in google, make sure they find you.

3. Avatars and Images

Though your focus is primarily on music, you have to accept the fact that a picture speaks volumes. Make sure all your social profiles have an appropriate avatar, all your tracks have an image. Some sites allow a header image, use it. A profile header will make your recognition to people very easy. You should always keep in mind that your profile header appears on your followers' streams in a miniature version. A memorable, as well as eye-catching artwork will help people to remember you and check out your music.

4. Networking

If you want to know how to promote your SoundCloud, then creating a network is one of the best ways. Networking along with collaboration with others functions like a two-way street. If you want to gain meaningful followers, one of the most effective ways is to become a good follower yourself. You can use the Search as well as the Charts in order to look up and follow the creators who match your tastes. You can listen to them with utmost attention and provide them with honest feedback. Constructive criticism, as well as hearty praises, will make you a genuine follower. This will prompt them to extend the same behavior towards you.