Soundcloud and You

SoundCloud is the first social network where millions of users are sharing their music with other music lovers and to the world. SoundCloud was founded and launched in 2008 by Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlfjoss as a collaborative musical space. Since then, it has been so popular with over 20 million registered users.

If you want other people to listen to your music, then having a SoundCloud account is absolutely a must for you. But having an account is the end of it, you have to work in promoting this account to ensure it gets noticed. That your tracks are found and listened to.

Music promotion or even Soundcloud promotion may not sound very exciting or something you are interested in, however you should give it some serious thought if you want your music to be heard. There a millions of songs on soundcloud so why should people listen to yours? If you have to give them some prodding!

This usually falls into one of a few categories. Buying soundcloud services, using a soundcloud bot, or paying someone else to do it for you. Music has always been promoted, and promotion means.

  • Make your music stand out
  • Get your music in front of people
  • Get people to take notice

Previously this was done with zines, magazines, radio, tv and live shows, but with the internet totally changing how we consume music so have the times changed in how we promote it. Getting people to notice your music is giving your track an advantage to make it seem like it is trending so people want to listen to it. Getting your music in front of people is having it appear on the home page, in peoples stream in their profile. Making your music stand out is making sure you have given it all the information and details it needs; an image, a description a buy link.

Other ways to get people to notice you and your music is by just being on social media and being active. Everything you do online is noted and a notification is triggered somewhere. Follow a user, they get notified and probably an email. Repost a track and someone somewhere gets notified. Adding a track and all interested parties are notified.

Taking advantage of the internet and namely Soundcloud means changing the way you think about how you promote your music